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To survive and prosper in today’s hypercompetitive, fast-moving world, brands need to be agile, to be able to adapt and react quickly, not be set in stone. Read more
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2015 Articles

The three unspeakable verbal identities—and how to avoid them

15 June 2015
Your brand’s verbal identity is broadcasting something. Do you know what it’s saying?

Five principles of creative disruption

5 June 2015
Luc Speisser offers his tips for brand innovation.

Fedora: A stairway to glory

11 May 2015
Stratégies’ Delphine Le Goff details Landor’s winning work for Fedora.

Five ways leading brands are adjusting to compete in the market

6 May 2015
Brands are switching up their strategies to deliver what customers want.

How to win in the BRICS markets

8 April 2015
Leaders in Landor’s BRICS offices discuss the opportunities and roadblocks facing brands in each market.

Branding Roundtable: Financial branding

16 March 2015
With economic recovery at various stages worldwide, it’s a good time to look at the demands of financial branding, how they’re different from branding in other categories, and what brands need to do to succeed in the future.

Louder than words

13 March 2015
Measures of brand strength are best based on sales results.

The future of packaging

16 January 2015
Five fundamentals of package design allow brands to make an impact at every touchpoint, not just the shelf.

Branding Roundtable: Challenges and opportunities for 2015

1 January 2015
Branding Magazine hosts the Branding Roundtable, a monthly feature in which industry leaders discuss key branding issues and opportunities.
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