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Most research asks what customers think. We like to follow them home.

And to the office, the gym, the supermarket, the car dealership. After all, what people say about you is interesting, but how they interact with your brand in the context of their lives is a great deal more valuable. This is where transformative insights come from, insights that not only strengthen brands but also reveal unexpected areas for growth and innovation.

The continuing success of our approach is the result of both expertise and flexibility. We understand and use the full gamut of analytic tools, including traditional market research, peer salons, blog monitors, trend analysis, ethnography, customer segmentation, survey research, and user diaries. For each client, we assemble the best mix of qualitative, quantitative, and experiential methods needed to reveal unmet customer needs, wants, and insights. Walter Landor, our founder, helped invent modern customer research, giving us a head start we’ve never lost.

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