Identity & design

Big ideas come in small packages.

At its best, visual identity—be it a brand identity or a corporate identity—captures your entire brand in one powerful design. It expresses your corporate vision, sets you apart from competitors, and is a lasting, memorable, and compelling signpost for customers, employees, and shareholders. As individual as a fingerprint, its unique lines and contours could belong to only one brand.

Your identity expresses not only your entire company, it also involves much of ours as well. That’s because so many of our skills are required to produce each brand identity. Along with world-class designers, Landor specialists in market insight, strategy, naming, customer experience, and brand positioning all contribute their expertise. This combination of rigor and creativity is something our founder, Walter Landor, helped pioneer and which we have refined ever since. We believe that identity design is as much a disciplined strategic endeavor as it is an artistic and creative one.

The results, from FedEx to Fortis, BlackBerry to BP, and John Deere to Levi’s, are some of the most well-known, successful, and enduring brand identities in the world. Each identity is a powerful statement about where that brand stands today and where it’s heading. That’s a lot to pack into something so small.


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