Customer experience

To create the ideal brand, start with the ideal customer experience.

Consider an airplane journey. When precisely do customers, employees, and other stakeholders develop their perception of an airline brand? Is it when purchasing tickets or checking in, during the meal or the movie, while boarding or at baggage claim? Since every brand is unique, the answers require a deep understanding of business goals and audience needs at each stage of the journey.

Landor’s customer experience team works with you to develop a clear minute-by-minute picture of how different audience segments will interact with your brand. The results reveal which audience needs and expectations are most important for growth and how well they're being met. This puts your brand in context, gives form and meaning to research insights, and uncovers the most important criteria for making investment decisions.

In a market cluttered with similar goods and services, it is increasingly the customer experience, rather than the product, that sets a brand apart. Starting early to design the ideal brand experience reveals the most cost-effective opportunities to drive real and tangible differentiation and the most important moments to invest in innovation. This is essential to planning and ultimately delivering the unique experience of your brand.


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